Bunnahabhain 18 yo jetzt auch mit 46.3%

Der nussig-milde Islay-Single-Malt

Bunnahabhain 18 yo jetzt auch mit 46.3%

Beitragvon islayfan » Di 22. Feb 2011, 17:53

Okay, das scheint jetzt auf den ersten Blick nicht gerade ein Burner von einer Neuigkeit zu sein, nachdem ich ja schon im letzten Thread geschrieben habe, dass der 12-jährige auf 46.3% und Non-Chill-Filtered umgestellt worden ist.

Ich habe aber auf dieser Seite http://www.spiritofislay.net/whiff.htm einen interessanten Artikel darüber gefunden. Dort werden nämlich der alte und der neue 18er gegeneinander verglichen. Ich glaube, ich muss dem 18er wirklich eine Chance geben, das hört sich ja seeeeehr lecker an!

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus der Page mit ein paar sehr interessanten Zusatzinfos am Ende:

The first thing that strikes you is the colour difference, the new one is so much lighter! The old is an amber colour whereas the new is a rich golden syrup colour. The olds nose is light sherry, marshmallows, vanilla, confectioners sugar and toffee. The new one's nose is pretty much the same (bearing in mind this is a fresh bottle and i'm recovering from a head cold...).

The palate of the old is dominated by the sherry (dried fruits, spices, vanilla), a touch dry but the Bunnahabhain taste still shines through, wonderful palate! So to the new one: what a totally different mouthfeel, so much more velvety, makes the old one seem watery, certainly less of a sherry influence, more Bunna sweetness, fudge and toffee. What a fantastic dram! The finish on both is long, sweet but the old has more sherry to it whereas the new has a more Bunnahabhain style finish to it (fudge/toffee/confectioners sugar).

So what's the conclusion? The old 18 is still a top notch dram but putting the ABV up to 46.3%, UCF and not colouring it takes it up to another level. It is already down on the list for the 2011 SOI Best Distillery Bottling and it will take some beating!

If you listen to some people (usually the Distillers/producers/bottlers who don't do it!) bottling above 46%, unchillfiltering and not adding E150 doesn't make a difference, BOLLOCKS IT DOES! Chillfiltering removes fatty acids, esters and proteins, while this may make the whisky look very good in a cold room (it doesn't go cloudy), it also affects the taste of the whisky, it can in my opinion make the whisky watery, loose a lot of the mouthfeel and quite a lot of the tastes. Both the Bunnahabhains (12 and 18) have been dramatically improved by what BSD has done and i hope a few more follow suit! A few years ago I remember sending an e-mail to a well known Elgin retailer asking why the UK was stuck with their Ardbeg bottlings at 40/43%/CF/coloured while Mainland Europe got their Ardbeg bottlings at higher ABV's/UCF and at natural colour. Their reply was that this is the way the UK people had said they prefer their whisky... Can't remember them asking me? A japanese owned Islay distillery also has a similar philosophy...
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Re: Bunnahabhain 18 yo jetzt auch mit 46.3%

Beitragvon King Alexander III » Mi 4. Jun 2014, 18:49

Der 18er ist bei mir der Hauswhisky schlechthin. Absolut geiler Dram für alle Anlässe. Ich glaube da ist schon die 5 Pulle leer seit knapp 3 Jahren :)
King Alexander III
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