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Geheim-Tipp South Islay Malt (Ardbeg?)

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Geheim-Tipp South Islay Malt (Ardbeg?)

Beitragvon whisky trinker » Fr 14. Jun 2013, 09:58

Ein guter Bekannter von mir hat diese Abfüllung an Land gezogen, 5yo und 59% für 52 Euro !!!

http://www.whiskybase.com/whiskies.php? ... tyPhoto/0/

Wow! This was a surprise.
The nose was a little bit hard to grab at first, but then there is a lot of peat and fresh alcohol. No wonder: A five year old. But then the taste: BANG! This is Ardbeg! I have no doubt. Lots of peatfire, dark chocolate, salt, sea .. everything mixed up to a great dram. Not for beginners and not for sissis! It still has a lot of the typical "new spirit" character, but its a great Whisky even without water. Water makes him smoother, but the typical whirlpool of tastes is still there. The finish is pure charcoal and peat. It doesn´t seem to end. Great stuff! From my oppionion better than some of the original bottlings of the last years.
whisky trinker
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