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Eine Antwort auf tally_fruhjahr_2008

  1. Susanne sagt:

    Single malt (barley) doesn’t necessarily mean, betetr. There are many astounding blended whiskies available. For all of the folks reading this, please don’t be misled by people who insinuate such. No offense to the original author. For me, Superstition is almost a dessert wine. Peaches and honey abound, especially in the nose. Smoke and peat are as subtle as a Lowland whisky, though the finish is indeed long, with caramel and cream/vanilla. The legs on this whisky indicate a thin to medium variety, but supple, lush and oily on the palate, After several drams, I failed to discover any hidden qualities, and thus complexity seemed exceedingly mild. I’m not sure this is a fair intro for beginners, as a 12 year Macallan or 10 year Talisker would probably serve them much betetr, at the same price.Personally, I’d take a pass on this one. Please keep in mind, like any product that is influenced by it’s environment (temperature, hunmidity, etc), whisky can vary from batch to batch, sometimes greatly.

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